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MONTINA are distributors for ParexDavco products, Adheseal, B.A.T. Tile Trims, and Rondo Building Services. >> more

  • ParexDavco is part of the international Parex Group, a subsidiary of the Materials Corporation.
  • Adheseal is a privately owned company that services the Construction, Industrial, Automotive and Marine Industries.
  • B.A.T. have the largest range of Tiling Trims which comprises of more than 600 standard sections, sizes, and colours of Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and PVC Tiling Trims and Expansion Joints as well as award winning Tiling Tools and Equipment.
  • Rondo has been pioneering the design and manufacturing of suspended ceiling systems in Australia since 1964.

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B.A.T. TrimsDavco

MONTINA tiles and adhesives

Get professional advice from the team of experts at Montina

MONTINA is a privately-owned retail and wholesale company operating out of Port Moresby with an extensive range of stocked products for a number of manufacturers who provide to the building and construction industries.

Montina are agents for a number of world class ceramic and porcelain tile companies, as well as agents for companies supplying adhesives, waterproofing, tiling tools and accessories, cement render, suspended ceiling and steel stud systems, and granite headstones.

Montina Ltd

The business is well-versed with applied finishes within the building industry for over 15 years, with the Managing Director, Damon Cragnolini having extensive product knowledge and technical expertise in the industry and has seen the changes over the years in product specifications and close contact with industry professionals, architects, engineers, builders, etc.

With a focus on the latest quality products, Montina manages a project's requirements with attention to detail, from providing architects with recommended product specifications, to supplying and sourcing products globally for the project managers and application methods to contractors. >> more

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